Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus Products – Proven Design Leaders

With a focus on continually driving innovation and engineering excellence, TECHNIBUS remains a leading provider of Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus product solutions in North America. TECHNIBUS offers made to order solutions for the power generation, distribution, petro-chemical, transit, municipal, data center and industrial markets.  As a credible and experienced thought leader, TECHNIBUS takes great pride in delivering solutions through decades of focused engineering expertise, dedication to quality and a strong commitment to customer service.


  • Copper ASTM Designation B187
  • Aluminum ASTM Designation B236
  • Plated Contacts (silver or tin)

Enclosure Design 

  • Superior Weatherproof Construction
  • Ease of Assembly and Adjustment during Installation
  • Reduces Installation Time and Expense
  • Available in standard Aluminum as well as Stainless Steel and A60
  • Finish Meets 840 hour Salt Spray test


Insulator System

  • Epoxy Coating
  • Bus Support Insulators
    • Medium Voltage High Alumina Bus Supports
      • Porcelain with complex alumina-silica coating, fusion bonded to the surface 
      • UL Listed Polyester
      • Anti-tracking inserts
    • Low Voltage GPO-3 UL Listed Glastic
  • Insulating Boots Provided for all Field Connections
    • Shipping Splits
    • Equipment Terminations

Heater Systems 

  • Meets Class 1 Division 1 and 2 Groups A, B and D
  • Hazardous Area Thermostats are Available
  • Optional LED Failure Indicators available
  • Thermostats - Fixed or Adjustable

Structural Supports

  • Custom Engineered
  • In-house Design and Fabrication
  • Wind, Snow, Seismic calculation capability
  • PE Certification Available
  • Galvanized
  • Welders Certified to AWS D1.1
  • Field Adjustable

Rating Table

Contact your local TECHNIBUS sales representative to learn more about our non-segregated and segregated bus duct products, or download our full capabilities brochure here.

Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus  Conductors

Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus Insulation System

Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus  Heater Systems

Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus  Structural Supports