Welcome to Technibus

As a global leader in Isolated Phase, Non-Segregated and Segregated Bus Products, TECHNIBUS supplies systems for a wide range of applications and markets.  This includes power generation, petrochemical, industrial, medical, military, water technologies, and many others. With a focus on innovation and customer dedication, our metal enclosed bus bar systems are custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements and on-time delivery schedule.

  • non-segregated bus

    Non-Segregated Bus

    We design, build, test and ship globally custom-engineered, “Best in Class” Non-Segregated Bus solutions.

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  • Isolated Phase Bus

    Isolated Phase Bus

    We design, build, test and ship high-quality Isolated Phase Bus. Over 1,100 systems have been installed in more than 120 countries.

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  • Advance Systems Precision Fabrication

    Advanced Systems Precision Fabrication

    We provide custom-engineered sheet metal fabrication, enclosures, prototypes and other precision components.

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  • Bus Bar Fabrication

    Bus Bar Fabrication

    We fabricate and epoxy insulate copper or aluminum Bus Bar to your design standards and specifications.

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  • Wall and trench Duct

    Wall and Trench Duct

    Coming Soon

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  • Field Service

    Field Service

    We provide assistance before, during and after the installation phase with our knowledgeable staff of Field Service technicians.

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