Field Service – Exceeding Your Expectations

TECHNIBUS provides a full range of value-added field services to assure that your project is designed, manufactured, delivered and can be installed to your exact specification, all the while exceeding your expectations. Our field engineers are both classroom and field trained to help manage your project or issue with an efficient, economical and common sense approach. Download our field service offerings.

Pre-bid Consultation

  • Site Walk-downs
  • Suggest Bus Routings
  • Site Take-offs to Prepare Quotations
  • Evaluate Retro-fit Projects
  • Obtain Equipment Details for Interfacing Purposes
  • Verification of Field Measurements for Design

Post-Award Options

  • Startup Advisory Service
  • Maintenance Training
  • Field Testing
  • Inspection
  • Field Installation Advisory Service
    • Inventory Control
    • Train personnel to understand crate and equipment markings.
    • Review the installation drawings.
    • Safety Training
  • Recommend methods of unpacking and handling the bus duct and associated components.
  • The Technician provides an instant link to the factory and Engineering should unexpected questions or problems be encountered.

Preventative Actions

  • Unbiased analysis of other manufacturer’s systems.
  • Failure Analysis and Diagnostics
  • Determine Repair or Replacement of Equipment
  • Design Solutions

Contact the factory to request more information about our full range of field services.

Field Service